Sea weed! Yummy!

I am a big lover for Sea weed. It is my favourite snack as a child and I still love eating it to date. There are many kinds of seaweed we can get on the market and I personally like the ones done in the Japanese style. They are sliced into small pieces and flavoured so that one can simply eat it out of the package.

I found this one by Takaokaya in a Japanese store named HeiSei. I got it b cause it resembles the type of seaweed packages I used to eat as a kid. There are actually four square sheets inside and each square can be broken up into two half sheets.



What surprised me the most is the flavour. The English packaging said this one is Teriyaki, which I took it as being salty. It actually isn’t! The seaweed is thicker slicked so it resembles the texture of the sushi nori sheets and the flavouring is just enough to give it some minor tastes.

Best of all, this package which aides to stop the hunger triggers for someone who is on a diet, is 10 calories in total!

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