Adapting to taking Panorama

Ever since I got the iPhone, I have been testing the Panoramic abilities whenever I can. The iPhone camera lens is pretty good and is comparable, in my opinion, to many lower graded point and shoot cameras already.

One of the features I was looking forward to was the ability to shoot panoramic photos in real time. I have tried it on multiple occasions and have just started to adjust to it so my photos doesn’t look wonky. One of the earlier shoots I had to delete it because when I took it, one of my god sister just happened to move her head, which resulted with her ear attaching itself to her eyes… That photo didn’t stay in my phone’s memory banks very long.

After a few more failures, I was able to get some pretty amazing shots.

Here is one with the sun setting and the moon being already up.

I actually did a 240 degree turn in this shot. It caught the building’s colour perfectly in between the sun and the moon.

Another one is a shot of a classroom at the Durham College Pickering learning site.

It captured the size of the entire classroom perfectly. The turn was only about 90 degrees.

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