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It has finally arrived…. at Durham College, we are on the second wave of the new Continuous Delivery model at D2L. This long awaited submission tool have finally arrived. Faculty everywhere rejoice!

At DC, our previous method of submitting midterm grades is so different from our final grades. It actually involves an older system of ours known as Luminis while the final grades is submitted via the LE with a few clicks. The faculties, especially the new ones, must have scratched their heads so hard that their fingers would be bloody on why we did it this way.

The truth is, we didn’t like it. D2L didn’t support Midterm Submission until the middle of May 2015. Rumor has it that the tool was built and they were waiting on Ellucian, the owner of Luminis, to approve their changes for midterms while the Final grades submission was already approved a long time ago. It was quite annoying, based on the integration method I am familiar with, IMS 1.1, the difference between final grades submission and midterm grades submission is actually where the grade goes. So if the system is accepting final grades, it shouldn’t have any issues with Midterms. However, that is all in the past as we now have midterms grades submission!

For administrators who wants to turn this on, if you haven’t already figured it out already….

Config Variable Browser >

Turn this to on with your institution UID and it will be in every course on the system.

d2l midterms


A note, you must have grades submission enabled for your SIS first and it must be setup properly along with a special module installation on the D2L side.

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