Fanshawe College – Part 4

In a previous post, I mentioned cafeteria and forgot to add the pictures for those area. Well, let’s talk about food and dining places at Fanshawe!

As a student, you can eat anywhere. While you are walking, while on the bus, during class time, and at a proper eating area like this one!

 Fanshawe’s London campus is filled with places like this. They either look like your typical food court (like the picture above) or looked a bit fancier.

  The location depicted above have been closed off to the students so we, the delegates of OCCCIO 2015, can have our lunches and snacks.
 This is the Oasis located inside the Student Union building of Fanshawe College. It is gorgeous.

Obviously, there is also the Outback shack, which is the student pub. Since I did an entire post on that, i am going to skip right to the food services…. 🙂

School food, what did I expect? Nothing much. Having eaten cafe food since my first year undergrad, follow by eating cafe food at Durham College for a few years, I have to say that it is slightly over priced and sometimes not the best flavored. Obviously there is your typically controlled Pizzas, however as part of cost cutting and modernization, some of the more traditional grills are gone.

What I found interesting is that fact that Fanshawe is on Chartwells.

Durham College was on Chartwells, who lost the renewal contract to Aramark. Regardless of who runs the food services, students will never stop complaining. It is sometimes a bit over priced. I still recall paying $25 or so for a Christmas meal when I was an undergrad while all the shops outside of campus was charging $4.99 for the same dish.


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