Pearson airport

Thanks to my obsession with airplanes, I can recognize many interesting things at the airport. I am flying to Orlando for the 2015 D2L Fusion right now and after spending just over an hour acting like a part of a herd I am sitting at the boarding gates. When I checked in at the front desk while still on Canadian grounds, I was informed by the ground staff that my flight is fully booked and I will be assigned a seat at the gate. This is a first! Naturally I started worrying as I have a shuttle booked and I am not sure how this can change my entire schedule.

To take my mind off worrying, I started taking photos with my iPhone, here are some shots at the boarding gates. 

As it turns out, yes the flight is fully booked, but considering I did book my seat two months ago, the gate keeper is quite annoyed at the fact that I didn’t get assigned a seat on check-in.

Go (Air) Canada!  

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