Trying out Jamie Kennedy Thursdays

Durham college have a very interesting restaurant christened Bistro 67. It is located in the Whitby Campus of Durham College. From what I gathered, it is a form of a student practice location for the culinary and food services students. So naturally I try to support them if I can.

A short while ago, bistro 67 started a monthly event known as Jamie Kennedy Thursdays. This event includes reception and a four course meal.

Here is what greeted me today when I sat down.

The menu actually looks really good too.

One of the d’oeuvres.

Fresh bread and some form of nutty paste with chickpeas. The waitress said it is some South American in house thing, made by one of the girls…. Soooo good!

It was so good that I ate sooooo much bread!

Now comes the salad.

  After that is the soup, menu said this is a celery root soup. I hate celery.

Yet, I cleaned it…. ?!

Up next, main course!  Coq au Pinot Noir.

So full… And as I was finishing the last piece of chicken, chef Jamie approached my table and asked how my experience was. Obviously it was great as I am stuffed. However, at first I didn’t even recognize him. He seemed different once he put on the Durham College chef apparel. At first, I mistook him for our CFF’s executive chef ?.

From our brief conversation, chef Jamie told me he is a visiting professor at DC and not a full time faculty member. He loves it here at DC since he enjoys seeing young people who are about to embark on a journey where they will join him in a field where he have been for many years. He seems to quite enjoy being a part of DC.

Back to the food. Obviously, a full meal must be accompanied by dessert. This is a gingerbread mousse!

Omg. I haven’t been this full for quite some time now! Food was great. Service was great. Atmosphere was….to be honest, I am most likely the youngest here besides the waitresses.

It’d be interesting to see how long these Thursday monthly special events can last. Personally, I will definitely come back again. However I must hit the gym more to burn off those calories I ate! ?

To find out more, here is a link to the CFF website.

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