Jamie Kennedy Thursdays  – May

It seems all good things must come to an end, May’s version of Jamie Kennedy Thursdays will be the final one. I am told they may come back in the new academic year, but as far as the 2015-2016 academic year goes, this will be the final one.
The biggest difference between this one and the previous ones I had attended is the fact that we started off in the kitchen! Where the hors d’oeuvres are being prepared.

Socca with olive paste and crumbled feta.

There are actually two d’oeuvres being prepared in the second picture.

In the fryer: Pea arancini. At first I thought it was deep fried mashed potatoes, it was so good that have to remove myself from the kitchen to avoid eating another.

In the bucket at the back: Pickled fiddlehead skewer. Actually this picture doesn’t do it justice, they have purposefully skewer the fiddlehead in a manner so the natural patterns are displayed.

Since I didn’t bring a date this time and being most likely youngest person aside from the staff, better move on back to the dinning area before I started acting like a weirdo.

Dinning area setup is as interesting as always ?.

So, tonight’s meal looks like it’d be great!  From a quick glimpse at tonight’s menu, it looks like lamb! I know the last time I had lamb here, it wasn’t the best, but April’s veal was sooooo good! Maybe it was just me being picky.

On comes the bread, this spread from what Craig, the waiter at my table, tells me, is a guacamole spread with chick peas.

This spread is heavily loaded with peas. It is quite interesting. The chickpeas stood out but didn’t completely cover the tastes of everything else. Of the four spread i have tried at Jamie Kennedy Thursdays, I will rank this as second. The one back in February is still the best one. While the one in April is tied with this one for second place.

And here we go!

Asparagus with honey mustard sabayon.

I have to look up what sabayon is ?. Well learning experience continues. Craig tells me it is simply egg whites.

I don’t particularly like asparagus…. The sabayon makes it tolerable… However I love the roasted onion. What I find interesting is that the sabayon tasted like warmed up miracle whip.

Next up we have seafood!

Here we have the Meunière of Yellow Perch with sorrel beurre blanc. Basically it is two pieces of yellow perch with a salad on a vinegrette based dressing.

There are little pieces of peeled lemon included in the salad dressing, this makes the dish rather refreshing! There were some really amazing mushrooms included in the salad and it was great!

Noticed I didn’t say I enjoyed the fish? That is because I was bracing for the worst when it comes to seafood. Due to regulations and health concerns, Restaurants tends to over cook seafood in general, unless it is sashimi. This means even when I am ordering steam fish from a Cantonese restaurant, which is one of the hardest dish there is, they also tends to over cook it. The proper method of steaming fish or any seafood is as follows, it must be cooked just so it is safe to consume but not chewy. The test when it comes to fish steaming is that the meat should be easily separated from the bones while the meat retains the freshness and juice of the fish. It takes years to master and it is the most expensive seafood cooking method in Cantonese cooking, as the seafood must be alive prior to steaming. Alive as in swimming in an aquarium.

Next up, leg of lamb!

Roast leg of lamb with wild leek gratin potatoes and morels.

Hmm… Surprise again! This one looks like it is not going to be over cooked! This is what I wanted to eat as oppose to that lamb from March. ?

Yummy! The lamb is amazing, the potatoes are amazing, and the morel mushrooms are good too! To be honest,  I have never tasted them in the western cooking style before. In the past when I had tastes morchella, it was usually prepared in Chinese style of sort. This is the first time I am tasting it outside of the Chinese style of cooking which usually emphasized its natural tastes and flavors.

Last but not lease, dessert!

Strawberry shortcake with Rhubarb glaze.

Am I eating a cake burger? ?

This is so good! The mixture of sweet and sour is just so perfect that if I can have seconds, I’d go for a second, a third, and maybe a forth.

With the plate of ever so yummy dessert being taken away, I am going to sip on my earl grey a bit before heading out to brace the traffic which takes me back to Toronto.

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