Convocation 2016 at Durham College!

Graduation ceremony is one of the few important events in a person’s life achievements. Luckily, as a staff member of Durham College, I get to witness many of these occasions.

Since the office responsible for setting up this year’s graduation ceremonies were requesting for volunteers, I have decided to join in on this celebration.

As a volunteer, I have to arrive early to get ready. This is the first time I am in the General Motors Centre in Oshawa.

It is gorgeous!

My duties? Program handout!

Awaiting arrival.

Families are arriving!

The ceremony is live web streamed, look at those equipment!

Of the nine schools at Durham College, the morning graduate session are composed mainly from two schools. These two school’s flags are withheld and presented to the school’s chosen representative flag bearer.

In comes the faculty from Centre for Food and Media, Arts, and Design. Lead by a bagpiper performing a multitude of familiar songs, starting with Scottland the Brave.

Graduates have entered.

More students!

Nearly all ready to start! All school flags are erected!

The families are all the excited and cheering for their graduates!

Notice on the screen, there is a special sign interpreter!

Handing out the diplomas!

Congratulations class of 2016!!

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