OCCCIO @ Seneca – Amazing first night diner

Seneca college welcomed many IT personnel from across the province to its campus in June for a province wide conference. I have once again represented the Learning Management System Team at this OCCCIO event. I have a different post on the general topic of this year’s topic, in the form of a conservative rant.

However, as this post is supposed to be about life’s little pleasures, let’s look at some of those instead and forget about the scary thing we can big data, at least for a little while.

Seneca being red as part of their logo, welcomes delegates with many red balloons.

The first night was mainly composed of a standing networking dinner, nothing super fancy…

For starters, we have a table full of bread, pita bread, bread sticks, zucchini, carrots, broccoli, hummus, and three different kind of spread.

Next station, we have nachos….

As you can see, it is a cheese nachos fountain… I have a secret wish that this will come back the next day with chocolate…. ? too bad that never happened, but cheese nachos fountain was amazing already.

The next station I visited was the fried potato station.

Fried potato on a stick! The only complain I got have is that the chef might have been concern for my health and didn’t fried it to a crisp, but it is still pretty cool to eat this in real life!

Following this, I needed some real food, so the panini station is next.

It was decent panini, sadly the meat was processes turkey slices, else this would have been pretty healthy.

Last but not least, the dessert table.

The basic idea is caramel popcorn mixed with liquid nitrogen. This gives the popcorn a coolest that normally would require sometime in the freezer. The best part was that when you eat it, due to the heat that day, you were breathing a cool mist for a second or two while it still have nitrogen inside.

That’s all for the first night at OCCCIO 2016.


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