BBWorld 2016 – Sands Expo

This trip have many first for me, it is my first time in Las Vegas, first time living in the Venetian, first time visiting a desert, first time attending BBWorld, first time attending DevCon, and first time going into a Sands Expo. 

About 10 years ago, I paid a visit to The Venetian Macau. All I remember was that I wanted to get out of there. This time around, as I have to stay at the Venetian, I have a bit more time to explore on the reasons to why I wanted to run away from places like the beautiful casinos. My reactions to the Vegas version was exactly like what I had anticipated. I wanted to get the F out of there when I go near the Gaming sections. I noted mentally that I find the Casinos repulsive. The facial expressions on the people gambling and the objectification of people was too much for me. One can argue that those are mental reactions to the gaming scene and maybe overcome with a tolerance treatment (Why on earth would anyone want to do this?). On the other hand, I have also discovered a physical reaction when I am in relative proximity to a Casino. In fact, I realized I can sense it pretty far away. When I am near a casino, my eyes would tear up and I would start having some breathing problems. The reason seems to be second hand smoke. In the initial set exposures, it wasn’t as clear to me the toll my body is taking when I walked anywhere near the Casinos’ gaming area. When it was the 10th time, I could hardly breath by the time I got to the other side of the area. So, as of that incident, I have decided to route myself around the gaming area instead, even if it means I have to walk a bit of an extra distance.

The reason? BBWorld and DevCon is hosted in the levels of the Sands Expo. Due to the Venetian being a casino resort, the casino is the central hub between my room and the expo. A fear I had was what if the Sands Expo also smells like the gaming area?

After two days of DevCon, it seems I am not affected. Actually, I can’t even sense the person smoking about 10 feet from me.

Actually, it resembles a very nice traditional and healthy expo space. 

The lights in each room are gorgeous.

Separated into design lighting and practical lighting. 
The carpet are unified in patterns and cleaned constantly by the staff.

After walking around the expo for two days, I figured out the reason to the lack of second hand smoke. There is a negative pressured atmosphere here. As you walk towards the entrance of the expo, you will feel a very dry and strong wind blowing towards you. In fact, it will dry your face out! This is what’s been keeping the second hand smoke contained in the gaming area.

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