BBWorld 2016 – DevCon dinner Reception part 1

With development delegates from all over the world gathering in one place, the reception must somehow bring forth a common theme or past where these people share.

This year’s theme is the nostalgic 80’s and here is how they did it.

The dinning room was setup with arcade games from the 80’s and supposedly a disc jockey playing 80’s music. I don’t recognize many of the songs as I was born in the 80s and was still trying to ‘grow up’. Of the arcades, I have heard of many of them, even played some on my grand mother’s old Artari system. However to limit to the ones that I ‘really’ grew up with, I only know a few things in there, street fighter 2 turbo, skeeball, and a pinball machine. If they got bubble bobble, I’d be good at that game, as that’s the only game I was allowed to play…?

I don’t remeber how to play street fighter 2 too much, I do know some moves based on the third impact that I am much more familiar with. Sadly, when I was playing as my favorite character, Chun-Li, I kept on parrying even after I have adapters to the lag…. She was beaten up very good… Yet, that made me a very interesting friend. A gamer girl who basically beat every single guy at that station, including our keynote speaker. ?

This on the other hand is one of my better arcade games. I have been playing skeeball since I was 6… My grand mother used to take me to play, as she loves to play too. My highest record for that night was 460,000 while the highest was 770,000. I guess I am not as good as I thought.

Pinball, actually my second time playing on a physical pinball machine. I have trained very hard on the virtual ones and was taught some tricks by my god father when I was 6 on a physical one… On how to slow down the pin ball if it is speeding up too fast. I didn’t kept tabs on this one as I found it too long. I was playing and there were five people behind me…. So I have to give up by sacrificing my balls after the 5th one, as it kept on giving me more balls. I think I got like 12 balls in total before the game was over.

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