BBWorld 2016 – DevCon dinner Reception part 2

OMG! The arcades were great and all, but the food is just…. amazing!

A few friends of mine was telling me about the Sterling Brunch at Bally’s and was telling I have to go there when I am in Vegas. They were also going on and on about the Bellagio’s buffet and how I must go and try that as well. In the end, I didn’t go to any of these places. That is because during the conference, I have already reached my upper limit of buffet style food in Vegas.

The DevCon dinner Reception was one of such event, there were a total of 5 stations, not as much as some of those famous ones, but remember, these 5 stations are waiting only on about 200 people!

Station 1, the one where it is not manned and you get to cut the cheese.

This is the cheese station, as a lover of cheese, I have to try every single one possible, minus the Canadian white cheddar, as that didn’t look as good as the ones I get at the local stores and I really do need space for everything else.

Station 2, the Asian finger food station.

They actually have Hong Kong style cold noodles here…. yeah I can make that at home and it is authentic. Tried the Char Siu (Cantonese style BBQ Pork) rolls, didn’t really liked it. However that Tartar was amazing!

Station 3, Western Seafood.

This is where the raw oysters (So yummy), the gigantic cocktail shrimp, and the lobster tails are. The lobster tail is a bit too overcooked for my taste, but that cocktail shrimp was amazing! it is the almost as long as the lobster tail! The oysters was so freaking awesome (I do spend a lot of money on oysters, I love them. I have tasted almost every kind Toronto’s Diana Seafood have offered) and this one is so fatty and great that I went back for more!

Station 4. Asian Seafood, more accurately Japanese sashimi, sushi, and maki.

Honestly, I didn’t like the sushi or maki. I have plenty of those here in Toronto. Actually just had all you can eat Japanese buffet before flying over to Vegas. However, that sashimi was awesome. I the butter fish and the deep sea tuna fish was so good. The more interesting portion is, the Filipino chef, who most like thought I was Filipino too, prepared the sashimi fresh for me when I asked for it. knowing. It was such an awesome experience. With this, I took my second order of oysters…

Last but not least, Station 5, Meat craving station – Prime Rib!

With all these food, many people have been ignoring this little manned station with hot food. The Prime Rib was so good, just not as good as my own as I find it a bit over cooked.

All in all, bad news for my waist line as this is the first reception of three at BBWorld 2016, the others maybe even more amazing as we enter the main event.

Actually reflecting on this right now, I just noticed, there were unlimited alcohol, but as I don’t drink, it didn’t matter to me. However, where is the dessert table?

Side note, when I sent these photos to a friend of mine, her response was ‘I thought you were working in Vegas, it looks more like you are vacationing…’. I am going to quote my favorite author on this ‘Happy is the man who can make a living by his hobbies’ – Pygmalion, George Bernard Shaw.

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