BBWorld 2016 – Event Begins

As the delegates of the world gathers at the Venetian’s Sands Expo and the closing of DevCon 2016, the main events begins.

It was so crowded that I couldn’t find a seat and have to stand on the side for about 2 hours, arriving late because I had to change also didn’t help. The Sands expo had its air conditioning blasting at max and after being jet lagged for two days, I was showing signs of a cold as my nose became endlessly runny. If I didn’t change into a long sleeve shirt, I’d get really sick very quickly.

The hall and everything is quite nicely designed, with some announcements made by blackboard on their plans, including a look into IBM Watson. To be honest, it felt like Fusion 2015 with a Blackboard logo on it. When I brought this up with the other community members, it seems everyone agreed that Blackboard have been trailing behind for the past few years and it is not surprising that I got such a feeling from it.

Right after the keynote is the BBWorld Dinner reception, which takes place in the vendor alley next door.

I actually wanted to talk with someone prior to this events but was not allowed in. 

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