BBWorld 2016 – Dinner Reception

Immediately after the opening keynote is the dinner reception, which takes place primarily in the vendor’s alley. I have to say, it is not as fancy as the DevCon one. In fact, it reminds me of the OCCCIO one at Seneca which was funded by the colleges… Sad. Worst part is, it is a standing dinner.

However, the food isn’t bad and considering the staff have to cater to 2400 people, that’s not really that surprising that a buffet style dinner was chosen. Just wished they didn’t force us to stand up most of the time or have tables and chairs in the vendors’ booth.

Some hors d’oeuvres.

This was a piece of prime rib on a piece of potato resting on some sauce. it was interesting but I didn’t particularly liked it.

Beans and tomato tart, didn’t even tried it as I can’t eat too much beans.

Cheese and cold cuts Station

A little bit less than DevCon, only five types of cheese. However, they have two of my favorites here, the smoked provoloneĀ and the blue. The cold cuts have so many types of my favorites, there isn’t one type that I didn’t like here… but definitely the salami… must eat salami. Bread on the other hand, I skipped it entirely.


This is a vegetarian pasta, I had the choice between this and a tomato meat sauce. I chose this because I was treating it like a salad… a warm salad. šŸ™‚

Panini and toasted sandwich.

For some strange reasons, I’ve been eating a lot of panini lately. Basically it is just a grill cheese with some meat in it. nothing too fancy. The toasted sandwich on the other hand was done perfectly. the grilled meat inside is okay but the bread was toasted to perfection. That palm salad was not so good compared to the two sandwiches.

Short Ribs

As a lover of beef, I asked the staff at that station and these two were the rarest they can find. These two slices was still a bit over cooked when it comes to my liking, however it is still great to indulge in.

So, aside from the food, I think the alcoholic beverages are also all you can drink. Sadly I don’t drink at all, therefore it was nothing but water for me. Oh, maybe unsweetened iced tea.

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