BBWorld 2016 – Day 1 Breakfast

The next morning, BBWorld officially begins. Breakfast is located in the same location where we had dinner the night before. However, unlike the night before, there are chairs and tables setup at the back for people to eat.

As you walk in, the waiters and waitresses line up as a human blockade chain to guide you to the breakfast buffet station.

This picture is a bit blurry as I was asked to continue walking as this station is not yet open. The one that is open is ALL THE WAY IN THE BACK.

Options available are fruits, which I opted out of, pastries, which I tried a few, yogurt, which I opted out of, sausage, bacon, and scramble egg. Last but not least, some potatoes. At this moment, my thoughts are that people in Vegas really love potatoes as it seem to be their staple and is present in every single meal of the day. For all I know, if you go for a midnight snack, roasted potatoes maybe on your plate as well.

 I ate some of the pastries and took another shot, so it is not as crowded.

To be honest, this is the better breakfast of the three I’ve had so far. The DevCon ones were bagels, mind you, bagels with smoke salmon is still a bagel.

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