BBWorld 2016 – Day 2 Lunch

At the end of the keynote, it was announced that BBWorld 2017 will be held in New Orleans. That is why as we proceeded from the keynote room to the lunch area, which is the vendors alley again, goodies resembling New Orleans’ culture are handed out.

 There was also a band playing lively music as we proceed into the lunch area.

Here we have one of the presenters joining in with the band to the happy music.

This is the last lunch at BBWorld 2016 and it is very interesting.

The salad is once again superb, fresh fruits with a vinaigrette dressing.

A piece of super over cooked chicken, which as I cut it, the table was shaking like mad. Along with some amazing fish, this one is Mahi-mahi and it is the type of fish I fell in love with when I went to Orlando last year.

The dessert is also quite good, there were three different kind. So naturally I tried all three. 

The only complain I have is why on earth would anyone put alcohol in a dessert for the afternoon? That yellow jello in the pomegranate one is fused with some kind of liquor. As a person who doesn’t drink at all, I became a bit ‘high’ for a short period of time after eating this dessert.

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