BBWorld 2016 – Client Appreciation Reception

As BBWorld 2016 comes to a close, the last ‘party’ is the client appreciation reception. From my experiences, this usually involves many interesting food and entertainment venues.

The keynote location is converted to a party location with food station around the outer rims of the room.

There are endless bar tables and from what I can tell, it is also all you can drink. Sadly, I don’t drink alcohol at all and therefore have stuck with bottled water.

I met up with one of the members from the BB Community and noticed her drink was glowing. She told me that drinks are lined with a glowing ice cubes.

She also talked me into getting some of these glow in the dark sticks, where I formed a larger circle out of.

Obviously, I started looking around for the food. Starting off at the vegetable station. Looked at it and skipped, since next to it is the cold cut section. Salami!

Next, I stopped by the Salmon station. This salmon is cooked on the outside but still raw on the inside. It is very close to the Japanese Tataki style of cooking and was amazing.

Right next to where we were eating, is the meatball station. There are two main types of meat balls, pork and turkey. These meatballs came along with some really stiff garlic bread.

There are also two craving station, one for turkey, which I skipped, and one for Prime Rib, which I kind of camped at… 🙂 The prime rib was AWESOME!

Last but not least, the dessert station. Actually, I was lucky as the ladies tends to clear out the dessert really fast. By observation, about 10 mins after I had dessert, the station was completely cleaned out.

What I can say again and again is that the Prime Rib was amazing! I just wished they gave us real horseradish instead of the horseradish cream.

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