Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas

Last year when I went to Orlando, I started on a rather interesting journey which I think will take me years to finish. I found out that at the Hard Rock Cafe, there is a variation of the legendary burger called the local legendary burger and have decided to try as many as I can.

So this year, when I found out I was being sent to Las Vegas, I immediately looked for the local Hard Rock Cafe in an attempt to try their local legendary burger.

On the day after BBWorld 2016 is officially over, I went on a journey to seek out the local Hard Rock cafe. There are actually two, one on the strip and one right in front of the Hard Rock Hotel. When I spoke with a local tour guide, she recommended that I go to the one at the hotel because it is less frequented and she can get me a coupon. With that in mind, I set out for this particular Hard Rock Cafe and hope that the local legendary burger is better than the one in Orlando.

Before we go into the Vegas one, let me describe the Orlando one in extreme details. You have a burger, so buns and burger. On top of the burger patty, you have Macaroni and Cheese. That’s it… and that’s what the Floridians like, Mac and Cheese. I honestly didn’t like this, I had my share of Kraft Dinner in my undergrad years and would pay to stay away from them as much as possible. So, in my opinions, Vegas’ Local Legendary burger would have to do very little to beat this. However, that’s coming from a Canadian Chinese dude who obviously thinks Mahi-Mahi is the best and only fish served in Orlando’s Universal Studios.

So, the Vegas’ version? The Atomic! Burger. Slightly hot but perfectly blended in the flavors. It was so tasty that I finished the entire burger in under five minutes! I haven’t ate that fast for quite sometime now!

The ketchup is mixed with Sriracha hot sauce, slightly less Sriracha than my personal blend but it goes amazingly with the french fries.

Right after I gobbled down the burger, I’ve noticed that I don’t yet qualify for the coupon my tour guide gave me. It requires a minimum of twenty dollars spent before a five dollar discount can be applied. So I ordered a dessert. It is not like the constant flood of dessert for the last four days didn’t reactivated my terrible sweet tooth. On the menu, I started looking for something that can make someone wish they were here with me. So I looked for one thing that can be super attractive to a Chinese girl, molten center cake. 🙂

It is served with vanilla ice-cream and it was so good. I started mixing the ice-cream and the cake together bite after bite.

I would definitely recommend the Atomic! burger if you can stand some heat in your burgers and is in the vicinity of Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Cafe.

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