Whitby Ribfest 2016

Just before my trip to Vegas, Whitby’s Rotary club hosted its annual Ribfest. As a group of friends and myself enjoyed it quite a lot last year, we have decided to go again this year. Since I always have my iPhone with me, I was able to obtain some amazing shots.

The amount of people showing up for the Ribfest is amazing. There were people from every walks of life and there is one common goal, to stuff our faces with barbecue meat!

The banners of the rib fest is one of the attractions I personally like the most. They are very colourful and gave the feeling of a traditional festival described as in the novels and television shows Which entertained me in my younger years.

Of all the Possible choices, I chose this one to line up because of the awards they have displayed. My friends lined up at two other fronts and we have agreed to share our ribs for dinner, allowing us to try multiple flavours at the same time.

The truth is, almost every single one of them have a pretty lengthy line. This means regardless of which one you chose, it would most likely be yummy!

The three of us each brought a rack from a different bbq shack, I personally liked mine the most as the meat didn’t just fall off the bone when I picked it up. Which means to me it is not super over cooked. My friends on the other hand preferred those type of overcooked ribs, so this is the best way to enjoy amazing food with friends.

Once we have finished stuffing our faces with meat, we started heading back. However I came across a few people eating this deep fried onion and couldn’t resist from buying it. There were actually two motivation for me, I haven’t had this since I was a kid and I wants to take a picture and send it to a girl making her wish she was here. One of my friend actually have similar desires as well, his girlfriend decided to go for a week long girls only gathering at the cottage, his motive is very similar to mine and yes, we are evil as we know the girls would definitely want to sink their teeth into this.

To tempt the girls even more, we further send them pictures of these places. Not sure what my friend’s viewing angle would look like but these are the ones from my pov.

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