Denny’s Las Vegas – Near the Venetian

My flight departing for Toronto from Las Vegas is scheduled to take off around noon. Based upon recommendations from our department’s administrative assistant, I must be at the airport three hours prior to the boarding time. In order for me to check-in at the McCarran airport by nine am that morning, I must have all my things packed and ready to go before that time. Since it will be a four hour or so flight over lunch time, I’ve decided to have one last meal in Vegas before heading home. Of all the places around the Venetian, I’ve decided to eat at the Denny’s which I’ve walked by half a dozen times within the last week.

This Denny’s near the Venetian sits on top of a Walgreen’s store and is reachable via escalators or stairs.

At the top of the escalator ride, this Denny’s actually have a waiting area with a sign indicating the approximate waiting time for a seat. I guess this is a clear sign on how busy this Denny’s is and the number of guest¬†they usually observe. Luckily, I went there around seven in the morning, which means next to no waiting time whatsoever!

The interior design is a bit more stylish than the last Denny’s I went to. It feels a bit more like a traditional diner as oppose to a newer style fast food restaurant. However, as I don’t usually eat at Denny’s so I can’t be a hundred percent certain of the look and feel when compared to the norm. The last time I went to a diner, it was a family ran place and I had a very interesting experience there which lowered my interest in eating at a diner forever. Remember that good old Jim Davis comic strip Garfield? There was one scene where Jon Arbuckle’s hands was stuck to the diner’s table and asked Irma for help. That’s very close to my experience with some of these diners I had visited and have therefore refrained from eating at them for a few years now. This Denny’s was no exception for me and I had to improvise a bit. The two syrup dispensers at my table were both leaky and sticky, so I have to wrap a napkin around one to use it without getting my hands sticky as well, good old diner experience for all! I am sure the waiter was thrilled when he had to clean that up after me.

I’ve forgotten what this is called, all I remember is I had a sudden desire for freshly cooked sunny side up eggs, so I just found something which I figured would be filling for me, have some bacon and eggs in it and placed the order. To be honest, the pan friend potato is not my favorite and if I had the choice, I’d opt for something else instead. However those bacon is pretty traditional and thick. The pancake is a bit smaller than the diners near the campus and I really couldn’t figure out if the white blob is butter or margine, even after I tasted it. Initially I thought it was¬†whipped cream.

After this all American meal, I headed to the McCarran airport and flew home.

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