AC Waterjet’s showcase

When I visited Diana’s Seafood for oysters, one of the first thing I did after getting out of the car is turn on Pokemon Go to see if I can catch some Pokemons. Since there is a Pokestop near by, I walked towards it to collect some pokeballs after catching some pidgeys. This stop’s picture drew my attention to some very interesting sculptures on the other side of the road to where Diana’s was located.

It felt like a very scary version of a museum filled with dinosaur bones, except these sculptures are made out of rusty metals and they are just there being exposed to the elements. It is also extra scary when you have good imagination and a fan of both Night at the Museum and Jurassic Park.

In a very small patch of green lawn, there are so many of these being displayed and they seem to be all made out of steel, as many of them are rusting.

Interestingly they made a whale. If they made a Pikachu, I am sure many people would frequent this stop just for photo op purposes.

Actually, they put up several signs reminding visitors that these are rusting steel and very sharp.

After doing some research, it seems these metallic sculptures are used as a show case for the company AC Waterjet to showcase their metal cutting abilities.

Sadly, I don’t remember catching anything special at this location…. not even a Magikarp.

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