Chocolate chip Cookie Cheesecake Pie

In Operation Ribs there were only two of us going for the ribs, that’s because our other friend was at his place trouble shooting some Steam issues so we can play games when we are back while my friend’s girl friend, the one who is waiting for the blooming Onion, was preparing a dessert. She is an awesome baker and cook and I am honoured to taste her cooking as she is on a quest to be the best wife she can be to my friend and I am happy for them both as they both are very committed in their relationship.

So for dessert today, unlike the Monkey bread (which was really awesome already) I sent her a long time ago because an old classmate of mine decided to go on maternity leave and was posting recipes she is trying out each day while having another human being growing inside of her, my friend’s girl friend is trying something she found and it seems I may not be the only one to have no idea what it is. She calls it Chocolate chip cookie cheesecake pie. As I have a super sweet tooth, my ears shot up like a bunny’s when I heard those words. Chocolate chip cookies? Yeah! Cheesecake? Yeah! Pie? Yeah! Mix them together? YEAH!

This is what her pie looks like. It is so damn good. The shell is made up of chocolate ship cookies molded into a pie crust while the inside is cheesecake filling and more cream cheese was spread on top of it.

I think it was too warm when she cut me that piece as it was melting on my plate. However it was so good. I now fully understand my friend’s comment about a time before he met his girl friend, indicating that he had abs.

Because it was so good, I went for a second piece. As it was cooler this time, the slice was able to stand firmly by itself and the cheese isn’t melting onto the plate. I am sure the calories in each piece is approximately the same as a hamburger, but the fact that I’ve been eating loads of chicken wings and ribs, another piece of pie really doesn’t make a big difference anymore.

I sent these pictures to that Chinese girl, her comment was that my friend’s girlfriend must be a super baker as this looks so good. I just wish she could be here with me, seeing a picture is not the same as tasting it and I’d really like her company on a rainy day like that.

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