Jamie Kennedy’s Thursday to end 2016

Wow! It’s been a while since I blogged! I guess that’s what happens when you take on a part time job! During the Fall 2016 semester, I have once again took on the role of a professor in programming, teaching C sharp to first years. Since my classes are scheduled on Wednesdays and Thursdays, I have to miss the school year 2016 fall Jamie Kennedy’s Thursdays at Bistro’67.

Since classes are finally over, I have decided to attend the very last Jamie Kennedy’s Thursdays of 2016, sort of like a Christmas present for myself. So, even on a snow day, I showed up. Late, but still showed up. And as expected, many patrons cancelled at the last minute.

As usual, the set up awaiting me.

On closer inspection of today’s menu, lamb! What luck!

As I was late, I barely had time to rest and warm up before the first course arrived, cauliflower soup ?. 

IIt look pretty pleasing, but cauliflower is one of those food I need to stay away from…. Well, considering all the snow shovelling I will most likely be doing, it should burn off those extra uric acid.

Up next is the salad. Endives with hot ice wine dressing.

So…. when I found out what endives are, I have some reserves. Personally, I dislike bitter tasting foods. Regardless if it is the Chinese bitter melon or something as simple as black coffee. So with endives being naturally bitter, I am actually considering ‘taking it away’. 

However, the ice wine dressing reduced the bitterness to a bareable level. Along with some sundried tomatoes, it was a perfect match. 

Now, let’s see what this saddle of lamb looks like!

So… stuffed lamb inside lamb. The sauce is a bit salty but it is a nice match if you eat the flageolet beans. Too bad I can’t have too much beans in my diet. What I found interesting is the dual sauce on the plate. The brown sauce is salty and naturally intended for the meat, sadly it reminds me of the other sauces from all the other Jamie Kennedy’s Thursdays, the ones used for the beef, chicken, and lamb. The red sauce that is pretty hidden have a sour taste to it. It actually brought the lamb meat alive!

Well, that’s the main course, time for dessert! Christmas cake mousse eh?

More accurately, brandy snap. 

I recall trying something like this before. The brandy snap is crispy and delicious! The poached plums are super sweet! Interestingly, even the red soup is sweet this time, I was expecting it to be sour like last time.

Now since this is my nth time being here, by myself (that stands out btw), Chef Kennedy came over and we had a little chat. His views on continuing the torch is partially what motivated me to continue this term as a contract faculty. I was partially on the fence during June as last year’s class turned out pretty well but unlike pizza, I can’t please everyone. And I felt horrible for failing some students, especially the ones who tried. However, one of the contributing factors was how Jamie was describing his enjoyment of passing along the torch to a younger generation. This combined with all the faculty friends who have been mentoring me, I have decided to continue teaching. 

This semester I have made some drastic changes and applyed a personal touch to my course, I turned it into a multi-attempt assignment course, however all post graded attempts can only be marked as if they are late even if they met all my criterias. So this year’s class have an average where I liked, at the 75% range. That is a job well done, hopefully the students did learn what I wanted them to learn. They may hate me now, but the skills I taught them may benefit them for life. 

Crap, I am now modeling myself after my prof, Dr. Peter Tsin. ??

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