Hard Rock Cafe Toronto and the vanishing Local legendary Burger.

I am not sure if I can be classified as a foodie, but I am on a quest to try as many types of food as I can get my hands on. Since the terms are now over and I can come out of hibernation, I have decided to continue my search for interesting food to consume. To kick off my travel season for 2017, I took a day off and decided to check out my hometown, Toronto.

I have always been searching for an excuse to visit Toronto. I have started to travel around in the past few years and it dawn on me that I didn’t do my hometown justice. That was highlighted by that Chinese girl I am attempting to court, regarding how I haven’t been to many places around town. 

The real catalyst was an announcement on the 680 news, a local news radio station, that the Hard Rock Cafe at Toronto will be closing down by the middle of this year. 

Since the time I went to Florida a few years ago, I started a quest to try every local legendary burger Hard Rock Cafe has to offer. The only requirement for me is that I will really only eat the local legendary made by a local, at the HRC in that state, town, or city.

When I started this, I had the Mac n Cheese local legendary at Orlando. A year later in Vegas, I tried the Atomic! legendary. Since the HRC at Toronto may disappear, I must try this before the Toronto Local Legendary is history. So here I am, eating a burger at HRC Toronto, two months before it becomes part of  Toronto’s memories. 

Let me introduce the Toronto Local Legendary Burger, the Swiss Mushroom Melt legendary burger.

I was expecting Maple Syrup to be honest and sweeter than a Tim Horton’s donut…. but it is actually quite refreshing! Fitting very well with the new healthier Toronto image!

The burger is pretty huge and even with no bacon, that piece of fresh lettuce at the bottom gave it a crunchy texture every time I bit into it while protecting the bun from the juices leaking from the burger.

To be frank, the burger is so big that I have to cut it up into two before I can start eating.

With some chipotle mayo for the fries, this is different from the Vegas one and definity have a different kind of T.O. Signature to it. 

So, this is it, I have now tried the Toronto Hard Rock Cafe’s legendary burger. What’s next?

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