Do you believe in Magic? – Magic Kingdom – Part 1

The primary destination for nearly all Disney fans should be Magic Kingdom in Disney World. This is the place where magic comes to life and was created by the dreams of men, lead by Walt Disney. Regardless if you are a kid, a kid at heart, or someone who thought they have lost that kid they once was, when you come to Magic Kingdom, all your innocent fantasies would rush back into focus. This is the land where Mickey and gang show you a piece of their world and you get to participate in some of the things they do. A land that brings back memories for the seasoned and brings the young ones to a world where mobile computing devices didn’t exists.

To be more accurate, Disney have their own version of electronic devices.

The ones that have a Mickey logo on it called FastPass. Actually I read about it but didn’t know what it was or actually use it until I got there. Ultimately, you have two choices for FastPass, a magnetically encrypted card or a wrist band that resembles a watch. We all opted for the wrist band as it is waterproof and serves as a memorabilia also.

As you exit the gates and walk towards the park, these are the fences that are there to greet you. How many characters can you name?

Here is a plant Mickey welcoming us to the park!

There were two route to get to Magic Kingdom, as I was the only veteran from my group to have been to Magic Kingdom before, I took them on the more historical version on their first entry, the cruise. On the ferry, I found these safety guidelines… shown to us by the Mouse himself.

Yep, after thirty or so minutes from the time we check in, riding the ferry, and walking with the crowd, we have finally reach the front gate of Magic Kingdom!

This is a very important sign…. 🙂 Read it and behave accordingly!

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