Main Street USA – Magic Kingdom – Part 2

Once you have walked passed the entrance to the Magic Kingdom, you are greeted by the first attraction it has to offered titled Main Street USA. This section of the park resembles a somewhat early 1900s typical town observable in the old American movies.

On both sides of the attraction are shops of every kind, all selling Disney goods. To my left there was a shop selling baby clothing and baby toys, linking to it is a shop for older children, and next to that is a shop for adults with a corner for gentlemen hiding in the back near the women’s clothing section.

On the other side of the street, there is a candy shop which is linked with a collectable store and a jewellery store. However, it looks like on the outside, the inside of the shops are actually all linked together and does not represent what the store front is selling in most cases. The only one where its store front is a match on what it is selling is the confectionery.

There were so much candy in this shop that the fragrance of sugar have a pretty high percentage in the air.

There are two shops here that I’ve tried and they are highly recommended, one if Casey’s corner while the other is the Ice-cream Parlour. There will be individual documentations on these.

During the night, Main street USA is lit up with lights.

I wonder if these light bulbs are LEDs or incandescent…

Regardless of their energy efficiency, when you look at the big picture, it really makes this portion of the park stood out.

When I seriously think about it, Main Street USA may actually have a very interesting purpose at the Magic Kingdom. This is the location within theme park that connects the visitor from the real world to the magical world of Disney.

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