Casey’s Corner – Magic Kingdom – Part 3

At the end of the shops within Main Street USA on the left is Casey’s Corner, a hot dog stand with a baseball theme.

Actually, when my friends said they were feeling hungry, I told them there is a hot dog place as a joke. I wasn’t really expecting this place to be good at all. In my mind, the question I was asking was ‘why on earth would I go to Disney to eat hot dogs?’ however, when they agreed to it… well, I had to eat here too and it turned out to be one of the best meals I’ve had at Disney World.

Within Casey’s Corner, I found something that I’ve never seen before, utensils dispensers. I am used to the drinking straws dispensers or napkins dispensers, but utensils such as the one fork dispensers pictured above are a brand new thing to me. Actually it makes sense and kept the ones within the dispenser clean.

In style with the Main Street USA theme, Casey’s Corner have the look and feel of an early 1900s American restaurant. The same look and feel you would get watching classic movies such as ‘Its a Wonderful Life!’. The prices on the other hand is no where near that era, after all this is a theme park!

This was my meal, a foot long ‘The Works’ hot dog with fries and a bottled water. For about 18 American, this is actually on the expensive side of things, however, considering the Dasani would cost 3 bucks in the park, this means the Hot Dog and the fries actually cost around 15 bucks after tax.

That’s the actual size of this hot dog with my fingers gripping it. So… even at 15 bucks, this was kind of a bargain amongst theme park food. It is all beef along with everything exactly as how you would expect it to be. I tried eating it while not making a mess, so I used a knife and fork to cut up the sausage and bun. However, the topics was so fully topped that I ended up dumping most of it with the fries to make a second dish which resembles Taco Bell’s Fries Supreme. The ketchup, relish, and mustard weren’t really used at all.

My friend who just announced his engagement to the world ordered a Macaroni and Cheese  hot dog to share with his fiance, sadly they were already digging in before I had a chance to take a picture of it. My other friend ordered the chilli cheese dog pictured above, it looked amazing and if I had another go, I might get that one.

Best part of all? this was our view while we ate.

We were at the edge of Main Street USA ready to head to the symbol of Disney, the Cinderella castle.

During the night, Casey’s Corner lit up just like the rest of Main Street USA.

I would say Casey’s corner is a pretty good place for a decent meal while in Magic Kingdom, unless you want to go for the buffet or like us, go for ‘Be Our Guest’.

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