Cinderella Castle – Magic Kingdom – Part 4

The most noteworthy symbol of Disney isn’t really Mickey Mouse and it isn’t even Walt Disney himself but the two castles built for the two theme parks, Disneyland and Disney World: Magic Kingdom. The Disneyland version is known as Sleeping Sleeping Beauty’s castle and the Magic Kingdom’s version is Cinderella’s Castle. Since we are on the topic on Magic Kingdom, how can I not pay this famous icon a visit?

Located at the center of Magic Kingdom, it doesn’t matter where you are in the park, you can still see this castle. This is actually just outside of Casey’s Corner, right after lunch as I was walking towards the castle.

This is actually the symbol to many tourist, if you have not visited the castle, you have not really been to Disney.

In the landing in front of castle, is a bronze statue of the best partners in Disney’s history, Walt and Mickey. This area actually have several observable purposes. First, it is to welcome all guests to Magic Kingdom, as it is the first obstacle from Main Street USA where guest are required to turn left or right. The second is this portion is the parade loop, parades actually stops here. Third, there are shows at Cinderella’s castle, audiences can stand and watch the shows directly in this gigantic open space. Lastly, the most famous fireworks of Disney, show world wide via the Disney Logo on movies and animation, are observable here, as the stage is the castle itself.

The stage where Mickey, Minnie, and friends would greet the guests with a show.

Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Mickey, and Minnie. Donald just introduced Tiana and Naveen to Mickey and Minnie.

Olaf who is about to introduce Anna and Elsa to Mickey and Minnie. The show lasted for about 30 mins or so and would repeat itself, the best part are the exciting children screaming at the top of their lungs the characters’ names who everyone knows so well.

Just like any standard castle, it comes with a moat and wall. Only difference is, this castle’s defensive capabilities would have a rank of zero, absolutely zero.

During the night, there are two major shows, one is composed entirely of fireworks while the other incorporated projections with fireworks. Both of these shows features Cinderella’s castle as its stage.

In preparation for the show, a simple light show is used to inform all guests that the evening fireworks show is about to begin.

If you wish upon a star 🙂  Actually during this one, at one point, Tinkerbell flew from the castle into the crowd. Tinkerbell being an actual actor….

This show is all about the fireworks and some minor details on the castle.

However, the next one, titled ‘Once upon a time’ starts off with Mrs. Potts telling Chip about different stories, bed time stories, so chip can go to bed.

The Projections on the castle at this point would have scenes from different Disney movies and resembles a colourful and imaginative state.

At the end of this second fireworks show, Magic Kingdom enters the closing state and advises all guest to proceed to the front gates and wishes everyone a happy day.

This is how important the castle is to Magic Kingdom.

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