Fantasy Land – Cinderella Fountain – Magic Kingdom – Part 6

The attractions of Fantasy land have some hidden treasures if you look around, such as the Cinderella Fountain pictured below.

This is actually Disney’s magic in real life happening and most people wouldn’t even notice it. First, this fountain is surrounded by four drinking fountains strategically placed so that when you are taking a sip from them, you are bowing directly to Cinderella’s status. However, this where the magic begins. Notice the drawing of the crown behind the status? At the drinking level, the crown is somewhat nearly crowned on the statue itself. Disney’s magic 🙂

Next stop is the Hunny ride with Winnie the Pooh. Actually I am not a big fan of Winnie the Pooh as I never really watched it. However, as my friends loved Winnie The Pooh, I went for this ride along with them.

So… we are now Pooh’s food? Well, let’s enter this storybook land.

And we begin with a very traditional storybook opening. The ride itself is filled with Pooh and gang, as I am not familiar with the stories, I didn’t quite get what is going on.

This is Alice, behind her is Prince Charming’s Carousel ride, rumour has it that Cinderella’s personal stallion is one of many you can choose from.

And we get to see a naked girl…. wearing nothing but seashells. Ariel’s under the sea adventures!

Basically this is an animatronics version mixed with some screens to retell the story of the little mermaid.


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