Fanshawe’s Outback shack

For a person who doesn’t drink alcohol, visiting bars is a very interesting experience. Watching people around you get drunk while you are enjoying a glass of water or pop. As you stay sober, you start to realize things that your drunk friends or colleagues wouldn’t notice. Last year at Mohawk’s pub, I noticed the Blue’s brothers in the Arnie (Mohawk’s student pub), this year at Fanshawe’s Outback Shack, I noticed a few things which caught my attention.


First off, there is the lights at our table. It looked so interesting to me that I took multiple pictures of it. I don’t know exactly what type of lamp this is, my sources tells me it resembles the old mercury lights, but to me, it looked like the old BMW 3’s headlights.


There is also the frames made out of old cutlery attached to the bench. Each frame have a different design and they are a piece of art in its own rights.

As a kid, I remember watching Pamela Anderson running in a red swimsuit across a beach with David Hasselhoft. Lifeguards. Baywatch.





IMG_0942Even if I was too young at the time to find Baywatch interesting for the reason of visual attraction, I still watched it. So when I came across a framed, signed, red one-piece swimsuit, with Pamela Anderson’s photos on it, how can I not take notes?

I am sure some of my drunk friends and colleagues didn’t even noticed this.

Sad part is, when I posted this on facebook, a female friend of mine pointed out that the signature may be real, but the bathing suit is definitely not. On closer inspection, I agree with her. The logo is not the same as the one on Pam’s hip in the picture.

Last but not lease, my drink.


Well, I didn’t order water like I would normally. Instead, I ordered a pop!

This is what it looked like inside the student pub.

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