Dinning in the Hangar

The reason why we were at the Fanshawe’s hangar is because of dinner. It is actually a gala with a keynote speaker and all.

Let me put it this way, aside from the amazing ‘I am eating near the runway’ hype and the ‘I am surrounded by airplanes’ hype (Zefram Cochrane would prefer naked women, if there was a choice, me too). The food must be talked about.

This was a three course meal with some finger food to start off with. Since I was so busy looking at airplanes, the only finger food I got my hands on was… fish and chips… yes… fish and chips. They actually have little pieces of battered fish and french fries in little cone shaped containers so we can eat it while talking with other people.

Every seat was setup with a pamphlet, which describes the upcoming meal.

IMG_0879Along with a little wooden airplane, which I recall playing with as a kid.

And a pilot wings batch.



The starter, which is bruschetta, goat cheese, diced tomato and red onion.



Main course being Braised beef short ribs and mashed potatoes.



And Dessert is a Pavlova, a lemon tart, and a chocolate truffle, all made in house.



This dinner was so delicious, the pictures are making me hungry.

A funny fact that came out of this dinner, a colleague of mine was comment on the fact that I took out my camera and started taking pictures of the food before eating it. He was shot in the air so fast because of the table which sat eight people that night, five of us took out our cameras. The funniest part was, his wife started asking for photos of the food. Checkmate!


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