Fanshawe College – Part 1

After a week long posting about the conference, let’s talk about the most important thing of all, our host Fanshawe College.

The first comment I got is, it is HUGE! There are multiple campuses and even after following the guidance of Apple’s maps, we still got lost on our way there. We actually drove to Fanshawe’s Downtown campus, silly us. The one we should be heading to is Fanshawe’s London Campus.

After spending three days there and walked all over campus to get to different classrooms, I still haven’t seen the entire London Campus, just one building. I think I was in the D wing, the B Wing, and the T-Wing the most. When I went on the campus tour, I was lost after a few bridges. On top of that, when we were heading to the Hangar, which is also part of Fanshawe now, there seems to be another campus next to the one we were staying at, which is also part of the Fanshawe London Campus.

IMG_0783 IMG_0784 IMG_0786 IMG_0802

What looked and felt like one gigantic building is actually many buildings connected together via bridges, it was built over time and the letter of the building indicates the order in which it was built.




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