Fanshawe College – Part 3

What is a school without classrooms? It isn’t…. LOL

When I was on the campus tour at Fanshawe, I took a look at some of their amazing classrooms.

This is the oldest classroom they have at the London Campus, we are the last group to actually have class there since it will be renovated on the Monday following our visit.


This is actually very similar to the classrooms I remember doing my undergrad in. It is actually quite comfortable. The one thing that I found interesting is the blackboard, there is a movable chalkboard in the room!

On the other hand, the most technologically advanced room at Fanshawe’s London campus is this one.

  It actually looks like an amazing movie theatre. What a gigantic contrast between the two. This is how our classrooms have changed over time.

Now to get a bit more specific, as a Post-secondary and a college, Fanshawe’s focus is hands on training. For aviation repairs, I have shared some pictures of the hangar. Fanshawe also have a program for television and radio broadcasting.


IMG_0820 IMG_0823 IMG_0824

The X 106.9 🙂

Obviously, there are other labs as well.

IMG_0813 This one is the Radiology lab, depicted by the skeleton in Fanshawe clothing staring at passer bys.

IMG_0805 IMG_0806

The shop, where students learn hands on training on things like wiring electrical wires.

And because Fanshawe have a chief training program, they have a restaurant ran and operated by students (similar to Durham college’s Bristro 67 at the Whitby Campus) and it is open to the public!

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