Sriracha…… Pringles?

Once you pop, you can’t stop! For some strange reasons, that is the slogan that I think about when I am talking about Pringles. The salty, crispy, uniformed shaped, and ever shrinking potato chip.

I was taking a stroll at the shoppers drug mart near campus the other day and came across a very interesting flavour of Pringles. Sriracha Pringles.

It tasted like a very mild version of the original green capped Sriracha. I once tried a blue capped version, it is a mock version of the original, the biggest difference is that the sauce is about 10 times hotter. Never the less, the chips are actually pretty good. At least it is not super salty like the original Pringles are.

IMG_1027 IMG_1025


Maybe it is the difference between the dry powered simulation of the sauce instead of actually mixing the sauce into the chip’s original form. Or dipping the sauce while eating chips, I did that once… followed by gulps of water…. 🙂


What I didn’t expect until a friend pointed it out that these chips are pretty expensive on the internet. was selling two of these limited editions for 15 bucks….. and here I am eating away at it…. to quote a female friend of mine… ‘onomnomnomnomnom’….


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