OCCCIO @ Seneca – let’s Jerk this!

After a very interesting dinner at Seneca, we arrived to the second day at OCCCIO 2016.

The lunch on this day was very interesting and ended with a thing that I never thought they’d do it.

Main course is jerk Chicken leg. It was very interesting to me, as I have never tasted authentic Jerk Chicken before, I have to take others’ word that this is decent.

Sides are really soggy rice, which I didn’t even bother to try and red coleslaw.

Finishing off with all you can eat soft served ice-cream.

Directly from an ice-cream truck.

To give this event a bit more of a Caribbean vibe, a group was there playing the Caribbean drums as we eat.

This is the first time I actually saw one of these drums up close, I have seen them many times on the television or from a distance, but this was the first time I saw it up close in real life.

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