BBWorld 2016 – The Venetian

BBWorld + DevCon 2016 is hosted in the Sands Expo, attached to the Venetian Las Vegas Resort. Due to the proximity of the resort, The Venetian and Palazzo resort is the designated hotel for BBWorld 2016. One thing I can say about this hotel is that it is gorgeous!

There are two lobbies, this is lobby one. When I first arrived, it was full. The line was so large that I was 3 meters away from the end of the rope. When the staff saw that, they have redirected a handful of us to lobby 2.

This was so much easier, I got my keys within 15 mins. The reason there is hardly anyone in these photos is simply because of my jet lag, I woke up at 4 am Vegas time, which is equivalent to 7 am Eastern Time. 

In truth, many of the designs are not authentic. Many of the detailed trims are nothing more than pictures. And from what I can tell, the paintings are all printed pictures too. At one point, I felt like I am back in Orlando at the Universal Studios. Gringotts of the Harry Potter world is constructed in a similar fashion.

Maybe because I asked for a room that is non-smoking, quiet, and lower light pollution, my room resides on the internal side of the Venezia towers instead of the Venetian towers. I really liked this room.

There are three televisions in the room, a bit excessive in my opinion since I don’t really watch TV. However, I do see how it may be perfect for some obsessive television watchers.

At the end of the room is a window, in true essence of less light pollution, this window oversees the Venezia pool. 

One thing I find really interesting is the amount of Chinese in the room. There are  three channels with Hong Kong TVB programmes, one with Phoneix’s Programmes, and one with CCTV content.

To top it off, even the amenities have Chinese on it.

Interesting, no?

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