BBWorld 2016 – Here we go!

Even when this year is my first BBWorld conference, I can no longer refer to myself as a newbie when it comes to conferences. For the last two years, I have been attending multiple conferences hosted by the OCCCIO group, by Desire2Learn, or the Educational summit group. So I kind of knew what I am getting myself into for this and have prepared accordingly, minus the freezing cold of the interior to the Sands Expo.

As a member of the Blackboard Community for both admin and developer, I am fully aware of a new package blackboard is releasing. This new package is termed REST Api on the blackboard side. From my observations, it is an equivalent to D2L’s valence API. Due to my work with the existing Valence API, I wanted to know more about this REST API. Therefore I have requested for DevCon on top of BBWorld.

So, when I arrived at the Sands Expo, due to the fact of a 3 hour Jetlag adjustment, I have arrived extra early. I was so early that the registration desk crew was finishing their setup.

The community desk wasn’t even manned.

Once registration opens, I was amongst the first 20 to queue up for my batches.

They have also installed a Twitter wall, if you use the hashtag #bbworld16, your tweet will show up here.

Unlike D2L, swag at BBWorld are purchased and not handed out to participants. The only swag they handed out is a small bag. 

However, that’s not entirely bad news for me as that means more space for my things.

The entire onsite registration took about 3 min. All I have to do is give them my name and have them print my pass and I am good to go.

Time to go to DevCon!

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