BBWorld 2016 – DevCon Lunch 1

So…. Aside from the knowledge transfer, the meeting of people in real life, and the announcement of new things, another one of the good things about conferences are its food.

I wouldn’t call myself a foodie, as I am one of those who can eat the same thing again and again for days, weeks, months, or even years…. Nor would I go out of my way to eat. However, when I am in near proximity to food, I will try them.

When I am away, I usually aim to try the local varieties and wouldn’t limit myself to things that I am already comfortable with. A few years ago, when I went to Fusion in Nashville, I tried cornbread for the first time, after talking with some of the locals, and also had my first ever chicken fried chicken.

Sadly, no one can tell me what is Las Vegas famous for when it comes to food, aside from the fact that they have loads of them from all over the world.

Hence, here is the first lunch from DevCon.

There’s slow cooked beef ribs, sea bass, potatoes salad, egg pasta, and a salad with a vinegrette dressing. I took a little bit of everything and tried it all out. There was a little piece of bone in the bass, but as a person who grew up eating Chinese style seafood, I am used to this. Also, the fish didn’t taste very much like fish anymore. Instead it took in all the flavors of the sauce it was cooked in. The beef was good too, but it is not as good as the one I tried in at the Acardian or the one tries at Jamie Kennedy’s. But hey, it is buffet style food and wouldn’t be fair to compare them.

Also, with my food exploration nature, I wouldn’t have acquired the taste for the unsweetened iced tea, made famous by the hot southern states.

There were also three kinds of dessert. Each one have its own distinct flavor, the chocolate one is a brownie, the one in the plastic glass is a pudding of sort with the top made out of strawberries, last but not least, my favourite of the three, a chestnut cake. Yep! That orange one is a chestnut cake roll!

Our dinning room is basically a ball room converted.

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