BBWorld 2016 – Day 2 Breakfast and Snack

Unlike FUSION or OCCCIO, BBWorld have a day where there are no dinners. I was really shocked as that meant I have to hunt for dinner on my own, considering the Vegas prices, it’d be nearly impossible to eat dinner within the budget the institution allowed me. Luckily, in its place, I had a BB Community gathering event. So I went there to meet the community members whom I have been interacting with weekly via the internet for nearly a year and we went out for a fun night. Sadly a friend and I left before the other members and it seems they went for dinner afterwards.

So, in comes the next meal provided by BBWorld, breakfast.

To be honest, these are not the breakfast I was looking forward to, but considering I didn’t eat anything the previous night and a lunch I didn’t finish, these were super!

A Croissant sandwich with ham, cheese, and egg.

And a chicken patty sausage muffin.

Some people also took the alternative, a breakfast burrito. I didn’t find it that attractive.

After a few more sessions, it was time to listen to the main keynote event, a speech by Cpt. Mark Kelly. However, before that we have snacks, in the form of donuts.

I took two of them since they were half the size of your typical donut and I was still a bit hungry from breakfast.

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