BBWorld 2016 – DevCon Lunch 2

DevCon being a two days long event and leading into the main BBWorld event, day 2’s lunch will be the last official meal with the DevCon group. However, it is still pretty damn amazing for lunch.

I walked in, grab a plate and found my friend from the previous night to sit with. There are several things when you are sitting next to a woman around your age when in Vegas. One of these paid off the next day. However, the immediate advantage is a woman’s intuition to sweets.

Me, being the typical male, grab the following food.

A plate with a meat medallion, some fish (another piece of bone in this one), and some salad with another type of vinaigrette dressing.

Then I observed that someone on the other side of the table was enjoying something from a bowl.

It turns out to be Clam chowder, my favourite creamy soup!

Sitting next to me, the gamer girl, was already eating desserts…. So I quickly went and grab one of each too. She was already telling me that the best one is the one with the sprinkles.

She was so right. That is the best of the three.

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